Friday, December 9, 2011

Semester Reflection

     This semester in Graphics, we learned a lot about how to design artwork with different programs. We also learned about all the different tools that are found within those programs, and when it is most convenient to use these tools. We learned different terms to accommodate our knowledge of the programs such as color schemes, fonts, etc. We learned all about different styles of art that could be designed (such as typography and mosaics) during this semester.
    Next semester, I hope that it will be a repeat of this past semester. Honestly, I don't see much flaw in this past semester. There were plenty of assignments to keep us busy and there were also blogs to help display our work and keep us organized. Overall, I hope that this coming semester will be just as eventful.

Review Week 17

What have you learned?

     A serif is a curly end of a letter. The word serif originated from ancient Rome. There are many types of serifs. The most commonly used being Adnate and Abrupt.

This article had a lot of bad puns.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Review Week 16

How many points are in an inch? How many points are in a pica?

Of the seven classifications, which classification(s) would best work as body type? Why?

Identify the lowercase characters that have ascenders?

Identify the lowercase characters that have descenders? 





Sans Serif