Friday, September 23, 2011

Review Week 6

What is the pen tool used for?
The pen tool is used to make smooth curved lines.

How can you manipulate a path/line in illustrator?
You can use the white arrow tool or add more anchor points with the pen+ tool.

How can you utilize the layers palette in Illustrator?
We can use different layers to make it so we don't alter one picture while working on another, or hide an image.

How do you create a clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator?
First, you must create a rectangle or square around the areas you want to mask. Then, you select the square and the objects inside it, go to object, and select clipping mask.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review Week 5

This artwork shows value. With the black butterflies and white background, a contrast is very clear. Contrast can really enhance an image by showing the difference between the two objects. Not only does it show a difference between the objects, it shows the object's sizes in relevance to each other. 

This artwork has a use of shapes. The shapes being used are diagonal toothpick shaped lines reused over and over. This use of simple objects can really add a sense of simplicity to a piece. Using simple shapes makes the viewer appreciate what such simple shapes can do.

This artwork shows the use of texture. Just by looking at this artwork, you can almost feel the dry paint on this wall. The artist shows visually that the wall is stained and is dry. Using this element can add more detail and description to your artwork.

This artwork shows the use of lines to make artwork. Only lines are used to make up this piece. The lines are all different colors, but go in the same direction. The direction can also show the emotions that the artist is trying to convey. These
straight lines show calm feelings. Having a feeling to your artwork really makes it special.

This artwork shows the use of space. The earth being the positive space and the black being the negative space. The earth and the things on it are being surrounded by the negative space which makes this piece have the use of spaces. The use of space can really make the viewer focus on what's important in a piece.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Review Week 4

Why/how can icons be used to communicate?
Icons can help guide someone to where they need to be. If someone see's a sign with an icon for the restroom, they  instantly know where to go without asking anyone. 

Via the internet, find 2 examples of common icons that clearly communicate their message. Post both in this entry.

What is the difference between copyright and public domain?
If something has a copyright, only that one company has the right to use it unless they permit someone to use it. Public domain, on the other hand, is usable by the public. 

How can you avoid plagairism in this class? In other classes?
You can avoid plagiarism by stating things in your own words and not copy pasting anything. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Review Week 3

What is OSHA? What do the letters stand for?
Osha is a federal agency that enforces safety and health. OSHA also stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

How can graphic designers effectively communicate? In your own words, explain the communication process.
Graphic designers can communicate with colors and their own visuals. For example, a lighter color is used to communicate a happy feeling as opposed to a darker color, such as gray or black, which is mostly used to show a darker feeling. 

Understanding the history, culture and movements of fine and graphic arts will make you a better producer of visual messages. Why? Understanding how a thing originated is very important if you want to learn something completely and learn how to improve your art. 

Intro Goals

Why did you take this class? What goals do you have for the class?

I took this class, not only because it was highly recommended to me, but I also want to learn how to use these programs to create art. I always found the pieces that my sister made very interesting and longed to learn such skills with a computer. I think that taking these classes will help me expand my creative reach too.

Podcast #1

Podcast #1 Elements of Design
Watch the podcast. Answer the review questions below. Keep the question italicized and the answer regular.

What does it take to create good graphic design?
Requires elements of the design, principles explain how to arrange items on a page.

What is the difference between elements and principles?
Principles explain how to arrange items on a page.

Name the six (6) elements of design.
Line, shape or form, space, texture, value and color.

What can lines aid in, when alone or combined with  other lines or shapes?
Readibility, appearance and message of a design.

Which lines suggest a feeling of rest? Why do you think?
Horizontal lines. They are flat and do not change as people do when they are resting.

Vertical lines communicate a feeling of what? Why do you think?
Loftiness. They can correctly show the height of large objects.

What lines suggest a feeling of movement? Why do you think?
Diagnal because they are showing a decline.

Soft, shallow curved lines suggest what? Why do you think?
A feeling of safety because they show that something has a designated path.

These lines suggest confusion and turbulence? Why do you think?
Curved lines can confuse the eye.

What element defines a specific area of space?

What is the difference between two dimensional shapes and three dimensional shapes?
2-D shapes have width and height while 3-D items have depth along with width and height.

Describe the difference between geometric shapes and organic shapes?
Geometric shapes are symetrical shapes that show buildings are natural and incongruent lines.

What are abstract shapes?
Over simplified versions of shapes.

Which basic shape projects an attitude of honesty or equality?

What do triangles suggest?

Circles convey feelings of what?
Protection or infinity.

Describe positive space and negative space?
Positive space refers to objects and items used in design while negative space are the shapes around the positive space.

What is texture?
Texture can be the surface of a design or the graphics used to display texture on a 2-D design.

Incorporating texture into a design can help do what?
Incorporate a feeling of richness and depth into a design.

What is value?
The degree of light and dark (the contrast.)

What is another name for value?

What can the element of color do when incorporated into a design?
Convey moods, attract attention from another area, and be used to identify objects.