Computer Animator:

Computer Animators work with computers to make things come to life. Often, the animator draws something and puts it into the machine, but a character can be designed using the computer.

Annual Salary: $61,000

Necessary Skills: Creativity, artistic ability, familiarization with computer animation programs.

Educational Requirements: Knowledge of animation programs, artistic experience.

Opportunity for growth: Businesses involving animation are exploding. The amount of jobs created from these businesses have increased over the past few years and the demand for people in this area is higher than ever.

Public settings that provide employment: Video game companies, someone who wants a website designed, and movie and television productions.

Starting Salary: $14,000-$16,000 annually

Maximum Salary: $61.000 a year

Ways to build skills for this job: Enroll in art/design classes, familiarize yourself with the programs used, look into the job information, design the school website if you're good enough.

Production Artist

The last person to see a design before it is published. They must have a good eye for mistakes. Also they must know Indesign and Acrobat.

Education - Have a background of high school graphics or arts in this profesion. Have a bachelors degree in graphic designs. Also a good 2 years of extra training could help your chances.

Salary - 60-250$ p/h

   Art Director

Supervise and Critique the visual appearances so that it meets the clients need.

Education - A degree in a form of graphics design.

Salary - annually 35,000-83,000$ p/y

   Creative Director

Oversees the design of the project. Assigns the staff with various projects. Come up with new designs. Keep up with the deadlines. Make sure it meets with the client.

Education - Some sort of degree in fine arts and some sort of management experience.

Salary - 52,000 - 115,000$ p/y


Creates images rom printed materials. Create everything from greeting cards to advertisement.

Education- some sort of Fine Arts degree. Taking internship and illustrating.

Salary 45,000 - 55,000 - 74,000$

   Web Design

Responsible for creating the websites for the viewing capacity of people. They must make sure that the site is neat for the viewing of the audience.

Education - Strong verbal and Visual communication skills. Knowledge of the most current html and other internet programs. 2-4 year degree in something related.

Salary - 61,000 - 74,000$ p/y

   Package Designer

Create indesign packaging for different products.

Education - Bachelors in communications design. General knowledge on creating packages.

Salary 40,000 - 80,000$

   Graphic Designs

Communicate visually and create advertisements for product and thumbnails.

Education -  Bachelors in Graphic designs. Also a variety of skills are needed like Photoshop.

Salary - 50,000$ - 60,000$ p/y

   Publication Designer

Creates designs, concepts, and layouts.

Requires strong graphics skills and layout skills. Some form of graphics degree.

Salary - 40,000$

   Storyboard Artist

Translates screenplays or sequences into a series of illustrations.

Education - Have good drawing skills and the ability to think cinematically. A degree in fine arts and drawing.

Salary - 3,500$


American Institute of Graphic Arts. Showing works of arts and inspiring people with graphic arts.


Society of Publication Designer A organization that promotes editorial designs. Offer internships and teaching to workers.

   Portrait Photographer

Take photographes of the body and face with a simple background.

Education - be creative, know your tools, and know how to take the photos. Bachelors of art and photography.

Salary 20,000 - 40,000$ 


Printing and Imaging Association of GA 

To educate people about the importance of print. 

       Documentary Photographer 

A popular form of photography used to capture historical and significant events such as wars and poverty, as opposed to the beauty of nature or fantasy. 

Must have bachelors degree and training in digital photography and photographic design software.  

Skills: Experience in photography, passion for current events and world history, and you must be adaptable to change. 

Salary: $39,000 but varies depending on where you travel. 

     Advertising Photography 

Take picture of various subjects and products for promotional materials. 

Skills: Know how to use digital camera and how to use Photoshop (or other graphic design programs) 
Helps to have experience in other areas of photography. 

Education: Bachelors in anything photography. 

Starting salary: $35,980 

     Editorial Photography 

Takes pictures for magazines such as the cover image or the image to go along with the article. 

Skills: Knowledge of a digital camera and skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Education: Bachelors degree in photography or fine arts. 

Salary: $17,000 to $61,000 

    Fashion Photography 

Genre of photography devoted to clothing and other fashion items. 

Skills: Knowledge of photography and designers and fashion. Good communication skills. 

Education: Associates or bachelors degree in digital photography. 

Salary: $20,000 to $100,000+ 


Take pictures that tell stories. Take pictures for newsworthy articles. 

Skills: Photography skills, usage of cameras, skilled with softwares to edit pictures. 

Education: College degree in college degree or something related. 

Salary: $25,000-$60,000 annually. 

    Sports Photography 

Sports photographers take pictures dealing with sports and sporting events. 

Skills: Knowledge of cameras, lighting, and composition skills. 

Education: Suggested to have a bachelors in art and photography. 

Salary: $24,000-$45,000 


Professional Photographers of America 

Represents national photographic association. Largest non-profit association for photography. 

Tons of members around the world. 

Be any type of photographer. 


American Photographic Artists 

They try to campaign and speak as one voice for advertisers and photographers for the advertising industry. 


Nation Association of Photoshop Users 

A group that enhance photos 

Need a bachelors degree and major in digital photography and know all about photoshop. 

They are ALL about photoshop. 


National Press Photographers Association 

Represents photo journalists in the field. 


Write text for posters. 

Must be good with grammar, english, text, composition, lots of creativity. 

Need Journalism/english degree. 

Freelance (working for yourself versus a company) or work for a company. 

$75-$125 an hour. 

Freelancing needs a degree in graphic design. 


Graphic Art Guild 

A misson of graphic artists to promote and protect the interests of it's members. 

For all graphic artists and designers.