Essential Questions

1. Why is it important to identify safety issues and to safely operate equipment utilized in the classroom? It is important to know the safety issues so that nothing goes wrong in the classroom. Knowing how to safely operate equipment while in the class room is also important. If a machine used improperly, then something could go wrong.

2. How do interpersonal and employability skills effect both your everyday life and your future? Having organization skills can effect how well you do in school as well as your jobs. The more of these skills you have, the better your education will be and probably the better job you will get. 

3. What is graphic design and why is it important to communicate visually? 
There are many things that separate different cultures and parts of the world. With visuals, we can communicate through language barriers.

4.What is a vector based design and how is it created? 
A vector based design is a design that utilizes shapes and lines. These designs can be created through the use of programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

6. How is color used effectively in a graphic design?The colors in a graphic design can change the feelings someone gets from a design and attract attention.

7.What is a raster-based image and how is it created?
A raster image is an image that uses an image that uses individual pixels and can be crated in photoshop.

8. How does the manipulation of size and resolution effect digital images?
 It changes what quality the image is at and how pixelated it becomes when changing sizes. 


10. What is the function of type within a design? 
Type can help convey a message within a piece by directly stating something. 

11. How do designers use page layout programs? 
Designers use page layout programs to design pages in a magazine, newspaper, etc. 

12.  What steps does a designer take to design a page layout from concept to final product? 
There are several different steps such as figuring out the target audience, deciding colors, etc.