Friday, October 21, 2011

Andy Warhol

Within what art genre did Warhol work?
Pop art

Define the genre?
Isolates a single image and combines it with other objects.

During what years was he alive?

Post 2 samples of his art. Answer the following questions for each piece.

Title of the piece?
Liz. Flowers.
Describe the color that he utilizes. Does he use any particular color scheme?
The colors that he used in Liz are red, black, and a shade of green. This painting does not seem to follow a single color scheme.

The painting flowers uses the colors pink, red, yellow, orange, and green. This painting also does not seem to follow a certain color scheme.

What do you notice about the artwork itself?
The artwork is very bright and cheerful. The woman herself in the painting has a smile on her face with a bright red in the background. The painting flowers uses bright and alive colors also.

Color Schemes

01.jpg  Triadic
02.jpg  Analogous
03.jpg Monochromatic 

04.jpg Complimentary 

05.gifSplit Complementary 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs

Who is Steve Jobs?
Co-founder of the large company Apple that came up with many ideas. For a long time he was CEO of the company, but had to step down because of cancer.

What company was he CEO for many years?

What did he do for the computer industry?
He created one of two personalized computers: The Mac.

How did this man impact the graphic design industry?
Steve Jobs impacted the graphic design industry by making programs for graphic designs to use. Without these programs, graphic designers would find it more difficult or even impossible to create their works.

Review Week 8

Why must designers pay close attention to how color is utilized within a composition?
Color can change the feelings someone can get from a design.

Why is the color wheel an important tool for graphic designers?
It shows colors that designers can use on their designs.

Find an example of neutral colors utilized within a design (hint: google poster design). Near the sample, discuss why you feel the designer included neutral colors within the composition.
The designer probably used neutral colors to help put the focus on the outer colors in this design.

Briefly describe how we "see" the color of an object?
Light is reflected off of an object and is perceived by our eyes as colors as the different surfaces of objects change their colors.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Review Week 7

The right use of color can do what?
Maximize productivity and minimize visual fatigue.

Within the electromagnetic spectrum, which waves allow us to see color?
Visible light.

Describe white light?
Equal parts of all colors in visible spectrum.

How do we see color if objects "have no color of their own"?
Light reflects off of objects that reflect different colors to our eyes.

What is a glass prism?
A transparent triangular object that breaks white light into all the colors of the visible light spectrum.

What seven colors result when white light is refracted through a prism?
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Describe hue?
The color itself.

When does white light occur?
When all the waves lengths are reflected back to your eyes.

When does black light occur?
When no wave lengths are reflected back to your eyes.

How color is perceived depends on what?
The type of light it is seen with.

What is a color wheel?
Visual tool that shows the relationship between colors.

What are primary colors? Name them? 
The three main colors: Red, yellow, and blue.

What are secondary colors? Name them?
A mix of primary colors. Orange, green and violet.

What are tertiary colors? Name them?
When a primary and secondary color are combined. Red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet and red-violet (Primary then secondary.)

What are neutral colors? How can they be created?
Don't show up on color wheel (low saturation). Created by mixing color pairs.

How can a neutral color help a design?
Help put focus on other colors.

What are complementary colors? Name them?
Colors positioned opposite each other on a color wheel.

What is color value?
Lightness or darkness.

What is a shade?
Adding black.

What is a tint?
Adding white.

What is saturation/intensity?
Brightness of a color.

What happens when you mix complementary colors together?
Changes intensity.

Describe color harmony?
A pleasing arrangement of parts. Pleasing to the eye.

What is a color scheme?
Harmonious color combinations.

Describe a monochromatic color scheme?
Uses variations of tins and shades of one color. Looks very clean.

Describe an analogous color scheme?
Uses three colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.

Describe a complementary color scheme?
Made of two colors opposite of each other on the color wheel.

Describe a split-complementary color scheme?
Variation of complementary color scheme.

Describe a triadic color scheme?
Uses three colors in a triangle on the color wheel.

What colors are considered to be warm colors?
Yellows, oranges, and reds.

Describe a warm color scheme?
Bold and energetic.

What colors are considered to be cool colors?
Soothing in nature. Greens, blues, and violets.

Describe a cool color scheme?
Gives an impression of calm and does not overpower other parts of a design.

Why is important to consider which colors are being used within a design?
The different colors of a design can completely change what the artwork stands for.