Monday, February 13, 2012

Cuneiform and the Sumerians | 3,000 BC

The Sumerians were one of the earliest types of this kind of civilization? What does that mean?
They are the beginning of our recorded history. They created vases and bowls.

Why is the region of Sumer considered the Cradle of Civilization?
The land is very fertile and the first written language was developed there.

What could the Sumerians practice year round because of the regions climate?
Their agriculture. 

Post an example of early Cuneiform (Sumerian pictograph).

Why was Cuneiform created?It was formed because they needed a way to keep track all business transactions.

What medium was used to "write" Cuneiform? Explain the process of preparing and writing on this surface?
Clay. They would first wet the clay, form it into a flat surface, and use a wedge made of reeds to make impressions into the surface. Then they would dry.

What did Cuneiform begin as a series of?

Post an example of evolved Cuneiform (wedge-shaped).

After it evolved over time, what shape did the characters of Cuneiform evolve into?
A wedge shaped language.

Post an example of Akkadian Cuneiform.

After the Akkadians conquered, what happened to the Sumerian culture and written language?
They became sophisticated.

What is a pictograph?
An ideogram that conveys a meaning.

Why did the creation of Cuneiform allow the Sumerians to become a sophisticated culture? 

The language helped make more simple and also created the business records allowing the civilization to prosper. 

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