Monday, February 13, 2012

Hieroglyphics and the Egyptians | 3,000 BC

In the sixth century BC, what three civilizations invaded Egypt?
Persians, Greeks and Romans.

Post an example of the inside wall(s) of an Ancient Egyptian temple.

What was discovered on the inside of the temples?

Scholars believe that Ancient Egyptians were inspired and influenced by which written language?

What is the difference between logographic and alphabetic elements?
Logograms are visual symbols to represent objects.
Alphabetic came later to document writing.

The term Hieroglyphic derived from what two Greek words?
Sacred engravings.

What is a scribe?

Who else was trained to read and write? Why?
Students and Military personnel. 

Post an example of hieroglyphics on papyrus.

What is papyrus and how was it made?
Substrate made from reeds. Wet reeds are placed, flattened and dried. Rubbed with flat stones until smooth.

What is a substrate?
Natural stone/surface.

What were the Books of the Dead?
Instructions on how to reach the afterlife.

How did Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics become a forgotten language?
The Greeks and Romans overtook Egypt and after a while, few egyptians could actually read the hieroglyphics. 

Post an example of the Rosetta Stone.

What is the Rosetta Stone? Where was it discovered?
A slab with three different languages.

What three languages are included on the stone?
Egyptian, Demotic, and Greek.

Why couldn't the text on the Stone be deciphered?
The texts are not completely complete.

Who finally deciphered the text? What was his breakthrough?
Jean Francois Champollion. He was able to decipher the text.

Why does the interpretation of the Rosetta Stone have such significance?

We now know about the ancient egyptians. 

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