Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gutenburg Press | 1450 AD

What is Johannes Gutenberg credited with?
The technology to print with movable type.

Post a photo of the Gutenberg Press.

How did the printing press work?
Ink was rolled over hand set block letters. The form was then pressed against a type of paper.

What motivated Gutenberg to find a better way of creating books?
Working at a crafting shop and his love of reading.

Why did Gutenberg experiment with metal type versus wood type?
Because wood cuts were not durable. 

Post an example of movable type in a type case.

What is moveable type?
Metal type.

What is a matrix?
A copper bar with a hard metal pinch hammered in.

What ink did Gutenberg develop that he used specifically for the printing press?
An oil based ink.

What is paper made from? Where did paper originate?
Wood pulp. From China.

What is a "substrate"?
A layer where something occurs.

Who did Gutenberg seek to help with the invention of the press? 

John Fust. 

Close to the end of the 5 years, what happened? 
Just sued Gutenburg.

What was the first book he printed?

The Bible. 

 Post an example of this book.

How did the Gutenberg Press impact communication?
It made script easier to read and made books faster making current information quicker to travel around the world. It also influenced people's will to learn.

Who introduced the printing press to England?
William Caxton.

What was the early form of newspapers?
Trade newsletters.

When was the first news weekly published? What was it called?
The Boston Letter was published in 1704.

What kind of press was built in the US in the mid 1800s?

A press made of cast iron. 

Post an example of a 1930s printing press. 

By the late 1930s, presses had increased in efficiency and were capable of 2,500 to 3,500 impressions per hour. What is meant by "impression"?
An impression is where ink is put onto paper (basically printing.)

Which printing process is the Gutenberg press an example of? Briefly describe the process?

Relief Printing Process. Type is placed on a press and ink is placed on the type. Then, paper is placed on top of the type. 

Post an example of an intaglio press.

What is intaglio printing and how is ink transferred?
The process in which an image is incised into a surface and that area holds the ink. The ink is placed on the surface and paper is pressed on top. 

Post an example of a screen (porous) printing press.

What is porous printing and how is ink transferred?
Using a basic stencil. An image is placed on a screen and ink is forced through the mesh. 

Post an example of a lithography printing press.

What is lithography and how is ink transferred?
Using a flat surface to print off of. A drawing is made from an ink and water is added. It is then rubbed on the flat surface and the ink stays but the water doesn't. 

Post an example of a offset lithography printing press.

What variation of lithography is used by the commercial printing industry today?
Offset lithography.

How do printing presses used today compare to the Gutenberg Press?
Printing has gotten easy and it is possible to print more pages at once now.

Describe four-color process printing using CMYK? 

Each letter of CMYK stands for a different color: C- Cyan M- Magenta Y- Yellow K- Black

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